Our Services Include:

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Development Orientation & Workshop

NextStep Nonprofit engages your board, staff or volunteer team in a development orientation presentation followed by a workshop to kickstart your fundraising efforts. Best for when….

  • You have a newly formed board of directors, fundraising subcommittee or other fundraising team
  • You want take a comprehensive look at your development methodology
  • Your organization is stuck in a fundraising rut and you need an infusion of new energy and new ideas

Services include…

  • 1-hour orientation presentation for your board, staff or volunteer team which highlights how your culture, brand, reputation, metrics and resources work together to ensure your development success
  • 2-hour working session to help your team formulate a fundraising plan based on your current needs

Case Study Strategy Session

NextStep Nonprofit convenes our team of consulting nonprofit professionals who strategize a solution set for your presenting problem. Best for when…

  • You’ve been struggling with an issue for which you lack professional expertise
  • You need to consider the pros and cons of several different solutions
  • You want insight into best practices and new ideas on a development product

Development Jumpstart

NextStep Nonprofit helps you build the development/marketing foundation of your organization. Best for when….

  • You are ready to move to your next stage of fundraising. You may have already engaged in some development activities such as grant writing, appeals and events and need professional help to move forward
  • You are ready to hire professional development staff but you realize that your organizational culture, practices or technology aren’t yet ready for the transition
  • Your organization will be expanding to a new geography, program area or in some other way and you need your fundraising model to match your expansion

Services include…

Active Development

NextStep Nonprofit helps fill in during times when your development needs exceed your capacity and you don’t have enough hands on deck. Best for when…

  • You’ve had recent attrition on your development team and need help while you conduct a job search
  • You have several applications due at the same time and you don’t have the development capacity to respond to them all
  • Your development staff members are needed to participate in a strategic planning process
  • Your development products have become stale and you’d like to breathe fresh life into them

Services include:

  • Grant Application/Report Preparation
  • Appeals
  • Events
  • Database Assistance